Family Owned and Operated for over 60 Years

About Us

  Sotdorus Motor Company was opened over 60 Years ago by Zebary Sotdorus.   He opened a small FLYING A Gas Station just outside of Glen Rock, PA.

Zebary had two children  Calvin and Geraldine.  At that time a young mechanic named Norm became employed as an auto mechanic.   After many years, Norm has become an experience mechanic.  His son Michael has also spent many years at the shop.  He too has taken much training to become a quality auto mechanic.   While many things have changed, such as the type of gas they sold through the years, such as Texaco, Mobil and Citgo, One thing has not changed.  Norm's dedicated to providing quality service to his customers.   Norm has worked on generations of cars from a long list of devoted customers.   If you are in the Glen Rock Area and are in need of service to your vehicle, whether it be a 1962 Corvette, to a 2010 Audi, Call Norm.   A business who you can trust to provide top quality service.


Questions? Call Norm at (717) 235-2856

We are independently owned and operated!

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